5 Advantages of Asset-Based Lending

The financial meltdown in 2008 led banks worldwide to tighten their lending policies, and this means more and more people are looking for alternative forms of funding. One result is that asset-based lending has become a mainstream option for anyone with valuable...


Your transparent valuation methodology gave me the confidence and assurance I needed to secure the funds I required. Thank you for your discreet and transparent nature in which you effected our transaction.
– John Smith

Get a loan against your assets with lamna

Do you want to increase your liquidity with a discreet, short term loan against assets? lamna can help you. Our consultants assist high net-worth individuals in obtaining short term loans against their valuables, including luxury motor vehicles, fine art and jewellery.

Our experienced team of financial advisors, chartered accountants, lawyers and trained appraisers will process your short term loan promptly and with discretion. We’re fully compliant with the National Credit Act, and focused on providing you with cost-effective financing solutions and excellent service.

To secure a loan against your assets, contact one of our consultants now.

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APR & Loan period

Fixed rates range from 36% to 60% APR and payment options range from minimum 2 to maximum 24 months.


All payments are made via EFT or direct deposits into Lamna’s bank account. There are no debit orders.  


Loans are not renewed automatically. Loans are renewed by agreement on the same terms as the original loan.


Non-payment will result in the ownership of the borrower’s pledged asset being transferred to the lender with no further impact on the borrower (including fees and credit bureaux).

Illustrative example

Client borrows R10,000 for 90 days.

Loan Amount Repayment Terms Monthly Repayment Total Repayment Initiation Fee Monthly Fee (Interest + Service charge) APR
R10,000 3 months R560 R12,370 R1,000 R560 60%