How Much We Lend

At Lamna, we offer short-term, asset-based loans, ranging from thousands right up to millions of rand.

So just how much do we lend to our clients? And how much can you expect to get if you apply for an asset-based loan?

How the loan amount is calculated

The loan amounts we offer are based on the value of the assets that our clients supply as collateral, rather than on factors like credit scores, salary or guess work about credit risk.

Because the loans we offer are asset-based, loan amounts vary significantly.

How much we lend on movable assets

Examples of movable assets include cars, boats, jewellery, luxury watches and art. Loans we’ve offered in the past based on these types of assets have ranged from R20,000 to as much as R10 million.

How much we lend on immovable assets

We offer asset-based loans on immoveable assets, in the form of unencumbered commercial property. Previous loans that we’ve given based on commercial property have ranged from R500,000 to R10 million in value.

What happens when you apply for a loan?

When you apply for a loan, the market value of the asset you supply will be appraised. We then determine a loan offer based on the asset’s value. For example, the asset you supply could be a valuable artwork or a fully paid up vehicle in your name.

If you choose to proceed with a loan offer, we’ll complete relevant paperwork, take your asset for safe keeping and transfer the loan amount to your account, typically on the same day you apply. We’ll then store your asset in a secure, access-controlled facility. Once you’ve paid back the loan and agreed interest, we return the asset to you.

Assets we accept at lamna

We have a list of generally accepted assets on our website, although those aren’t the only ones we’ll accept. For example, we recently approved a loan based on the value of a client’s aeroplane.

If you’re not sure if your asset will be accepted as collateral for an asset-based loan, it’s best to contact one of our consultants to find out.

Raise Capital From Your Assets

Burberry Handbag

Loan Offer
R40 K


Loan Offer
R650 K


Loan Offer
R200 K


Loan Offer
R180 K

Diamond Ring

Loan Offer
R95 K

Mercedes Truck and Trailer

Loan Offer
R450 K

Harley Davidson

Loan Offer
R100 K


Loan Offer
R650 K

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APR & Loan repayment period

Fixed rates range from 36% to 60% APR and payment options range from minimum 3 to maximum 24 months. Apart from the initiation and monthly fees shown below, the only additional fee is credit life insurance if the borrower does not have this already.


All accounts may be renewed if they are up to date.


All payments are made via EFT or direct deposits into Lamna’s bank account. There are no debit orders.


Non-payments may result in the matters being escalated.

Illustrative example

Client borrows R10,000 for 90 days.

Loan Amount Repayment Period Monthly Repayment Total Cost of Loan Initiation Fee Monthly Fee
(Interest + Service charge)
R10 000 3 months R568.40 R12 902.20 R1 197 R560 60%