Rolex Watch

Rolex watches are status symbols for the super rich. Prices for standard models vary from a comparatively modest €4,900 for the Oyster Perpetual, to a whopping €48,400 for the Lady Pearlmaster, a sum that converts to more than R765,000 at today’s conversion rates.

Beware the mass produced counterfeits

Browse the internet, or visit markets in Kowloon, Mumbai or Taipei, and you’ll be accosted by vendors selling “Rolex” watches for a proverbial song. These counterfeits are predominantly mass produced in China, and closely resemble the genuine article, especially to the untrained eye.

Despite the ‘fine’ workmanship attributed to fake Rolex watches, there are red flags that indicate the item is a cheap copy.

Stampings and engravings

It’s often the minute detail that reveals whether a Rolex is genuine or a fake. We recommend you examine the stampings and engravings on the watch with care. They are clear indicators of the watch’s authenticity… or not.

Rolex watches always have both the brand name and logo stamped clearly onto the face of the watch. Counterfeits often have one or other, but seldom both. If the lines are blurred and the lettering imprecise, it’s a fake all the way.

Examine the serial and model numbers located between the 6 o’ clock and 12 o’clock lugs, respectively. If the engraving is deep and the lines are continuous and fine, you’ve got an original Rolex. In copies, the numbers often appear as tiny dots, or are rough and indistinct.

As of 2002, Rolex has etched a minute logo, invisible to the naked eye, onto the crystal of each watch. It’s positioned at 6 o’ clock and is proof of authenticity that’s almost impossible to replicate.

The Rolex experience

Genuine Rolex watches are manufactured from solid steel and precious metals. As a result, they are heavier than most other watches. A Rolex always feels solid and reliable, and you can actually feel the extra weight of the inner workings in the centre of the watch.

The movement of the second hand and the sound the watch makes are good indicators of its authenticity. If the hand jumps or waivers, or the watch makes a loud ticking noise, you do not have an original Rolex.

Conversely, if the hand operates in one smooth sweeping movement, and there are no obvious sounds emanating from the watch, there’s a good chance you’ve got a genuine Rolex in your hands.

The price

As Rolex watches are luxury items manufactured with the best materials and parts, they are inherently expensive. In fact, collectible vintage Rolex watches can cost more than a brand new Ferrari sports car.

Should you be offered a Rolex watch for less than $2,000, there’s a very good chance you’ll be wasting your hard earned cash on a cleverly designed fake.

Using a luxury watch to get a loan

With lamna, you can use a valuable watch, such as a genuine Rolex, to secure an asset-based, short-term loan. Once you’ve repaid the loan and agreed interest, the watch will be returned to you in the same condition you left it – so there’s no need to sell a treasured item.

For more information about using a valuable watch or item of jewellery to secure a short-term loan, contact us on 086 111 2866.

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