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There’s no denying it – weddings aren’t cheap. In fact, fewer South Africans are getting married these days, and one of the factors is likely the high average cost of a South African wedding.

This doesn’t mean it’s not possible to stage a brilliant wedding on a limited budget. A little creativity and a willingness to do things yourself, in your own way, can save you money. It can also end up making your wedding a lot more special than a “cut and paste” one that follows all the industry trends.

Are you or someone you know getting married on a limited budget? As part of an on-going series on ways to reduce wedding costs, we offer ideas for 12 low-cost wedding favours, many with a “local is lekker” South African theme, to delight your guests.

Fynbos seedlings

fynbos seedlingsSource: Lovilee

Fynbos seedlings allow you to spread the love not just to family and friends, but also to the surrounding environment. This is a truly South African option, ideal especially for weddings in the Cape. A bonus is that seedlings are the perfect gift for all ages – with a little guidance, even small children will enjoy planting them out and watching them grow.

Charity donations

charitySource: Cork D.a.w.g

Instead of giving, encourage your guests to give on your behalf. Hundreds of worthy charities in South Africa are desperately in need of funds. Make your big day count in more ways than one.

Beaded wire key rings

beaded keyringsSource: Pinterest

Cute, colourful and uniquely African, beaded wire key rings are practical gifts that are easy for guests to slip into bags – and that they’ll remember your wedding by for years to come. Creating and selling these beaded items also creates jobs for otherwise unemployed South Africans, so you’ll be supporting a good cause.


biltongSource: NetFlorist

Neat little biltong packs are bound to be popular. They’re easy to slip into the pocket or handbag, and are convenient for guests to eat on the go or save for at home. However, be sure to have some packs of nuts and berries too, for guests who don’t eat meat.

Personalised wine

personalised wineSource: melissablackburn.net

What better way to celebrate the big day than with a tipple of premium quality South African wine, aged, bottled and personalised. Small bottles of non-alcoholic champagne or high-quality, local grape or apple juice, can be provided for those who don’t drink alcohol, including your under-aged guests.

Potted succulents

potted succulentsSource: Pinterest

Hardy, water-wise and attractive, potted succulents are a good gift for all ages. They’re also an attractive addition to wedding tables.

Buchu tea

buchu teaSource: Pinterest

Buchu tea is the perfect foil for overindulgence – and let’s face it, we all overindulge at a wedding. You could also opt for rooibos, elegant Earl Grey or a spicy chai tea.

Bird seed

bird-seedSource: Therapy Box

Be kind to our feathered friends. Bird feeder wedding favours are popular with adults and children alike.

Placecard holders

placecard holdersSource: Wayfair

Attractive placecard holders show guests where they’re seated and, at the same time, can serve as ideal wedding favours. They can be made of inexpensive materials and suited to a particular wedding theme or chosen to represent the couple’s unique interests.

Flip flops

fllip flopsSource: Pinterest

Flip flops are ideal wedding favours for a beach wedding, a save-your-feet wedding or a relaxed informal affair, where you want your guests to be cool and comfortable. Designer flip flops have made it big and cost a fortune, but inexpensive flip flops are still available too, if you shop around.

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