Pawning jewellery in Cape Town

It’s s much safer and easier than it once was to pawn jewellery in Cape Town.

With online providers of asset-based loans like lamna, there’s no need to carry valuable jewellery items on the streets. You don’t have to navigate the Mother City’s alleyways, hunting out pawnbrokers’ dusty shopfronts. Instead, you can deal with a reputable company, online.

Why pawn jewellery in Cape Town

Using valuable jewellery to secure an asset-based loan makes it possible to raise funds, without selling the jewellery. This means you don’t have to part with the jewellery, which may have sentimental value. And after the loan ends, you’ll still own an asset of value. You can choose to sell it or pawn it again in the future.

Another advantage of pawning jewellery over selling it is that you don’t have to wait. The Cape Town secondhand jewellery market is flooded, with vast numbers of competing ads for jewellery items. This means that even a very competitively priced item of jewellery might take months to sell, or fail to sell at all.

Before you decide to pawn jewellery in Cape Town, there are a few other things to take into consideration.

Avoiding scams

Unfortunately, dodgy pawn brokers exist both on and offline. To avoid them, deal only with reputable companies that are registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR).

If a company can’t provide proof it’s registered, doesn’t have physical offices or has a site that appears in any way suspicious, rather find a different loan provider.

Getting proper appraisals

If you plan to pawn jewellery in Cape Town, it’s wise to start by getting the jewellery valued. If you have some idea what the jewellery is worth, you’ll be better equipped to judge whether you’re being given a reasonable offer.

Some of the factors that may help determine the value of a piece of jewellery are:

  • the value of metals and/or gemstones included in the piece
  • the age and history of the jewellery
  • the condition of the jewellery
  • the workmanship involved in the piece
  • in some cases, the jewellery house that created the piece.

If you have highly valuable jewellery, you may already have a valuation for insurance purposes. However, bear in mind that this valuation may bear little resemblance to the jewellery’s actual market or resale value. It’s market value that will determine the loan offer you receive.

For more information, see our article explaining different types of jewellery valuations.

Also, if an existing valuation is more than a couple of years old, it’s recommended that you have it redone by an independent valuator.

Keeping your jewellery in good condition

Keeping your jewellery in good condition is also important for getting an accurate valuation. Here are some tips on cleaning valuable jewellery.

Cleaning diamond and gemstone jewellery

To help ensure you get the best possible offer when pawning jewellery in Cape Town, it’s worth cleaning the item.

You can clean diamond and gemstone jewellery using a mild dishwashing liquid and cool water solution. For stubborn dirt, you can gently brush the piece with a soft bristled brush.

Don’t be too vigorous with gems or you could dislodge them from their settings.

Rinse the jewellery and then dry with a clean towel. Do not air dry because this could leave water spots.

Cleaning gold jewellery

It’s best to polish gold jewellery using a standard gold polish and a soft chamois.

If you need to remove any dirt first, you can also wash the gold in a mild dishwashing liquid and cool water solution. However, don’t use a brush. Rather wipe the gold with a soft washcloth.

Ultrasonic cleaning machines also work well but can loosen gemstones after time, so use them sparingly.

Pawn jewellery in Cape Town with lamna

With lamna, you can be assured of the best possible loan offer. Our terms are competitive and our interest rates are fully compliant with the National Credit Regulator (NCR).

We have a physical branch on Strand Street in Cape Town’s city centre, as well as branches in Sandton/Wynberg, Port Elizabeth, Durban and Gaborone, Botswana.

At lamna, we offer fast, discreet loans against the value of a wide range of assets, including jewellery, gold and diamonds. For more information about how to get the best deal when you pawn jewellery in Cape Town or elsewhere in South Africa, contact us on 086 111 2866 or simply complete and submit our online application form.

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