Sleek lines, lavish fittings and opulent décor define the world’s most expensive superyachts. In the rarefied world of the super wealthy, these magnificent vessels are standard assets that ensure Russian oligarchs, Hollywood movie producers, American software developers and Middle Eastern Sheiks cruise in comfort.

Here are eight of the world’s most luxurious superyachts.

History Supreme – $4.5 billion

history supreme

Source: Youtube

With rare and incredibly expensive materials including solid gold and platinum, authentic meteorite rock and T-Rex dinosaur bones, integrated into the design, the History Supreme is a creative triumph.

The 30-metre long vessel took more than three years to build. Along with its plush interior, the anonymously owned superyacht features sumptuous little interest pieces like an 18.5 carat diamond valued at around $45 million displayed in a liqueur bottle!

Eclipse – $1.5 billion


Source: Constative

The 162-metre Eclipse is owned by Russian businessman Roman Abramovich, a man who boasts Chelsea FC among his myriad assets. Swimming pools, helipads, mini-subs and hot water tubs are key features.

What’s more remarkable is the level of security on-board. A missile defence system, intruder detection system, bullet-proof windows and armour plating appear to be standard for a rich bloke with strong ties to Vladimir Putin.

Azzam – $600 m


Source: Yacht Charter Fleet

At 180-metres in length, the Azzam is the largest private vessel in the world. It’s owned by the incumbent President of the UAE, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nayan, a principal member of a family dynasty reputed to be worth $150 bn.

The yacht is purpose-designed for maximum privacy, so apart from the features visible on deck – a helipad and glass covered climate-controlled sundeck – very little is known about this super-sized vessel.

Dubai – $400 m


Source: Million Dollar blog

With a decadent interior reminiscent of a sheikh’s harem, the 162-metre Dubai is an expansive pleasure palace. It has a large social area, countless guest suites, a helipad, multiple Jacuzzis and plenty of sun decks for 115 scantily clad guests.

A circular staircase, with rather gaudy glass steps that change colour according to the light, is the centre piece of the OTT interior design.

Sailing Yacht A – $300 m

sailing yacht

Source: Nobiskrug

Sailing Yacht A may not be the most creative name for a superyacht, but the 119-metre vessel is a high-tech testament to innovation. Its most noticeable feature is the three-mast carbon fibre sailing rig that’s taller than London’s Big Ben.

An underwater observation area, gigantic hot tub and eight decks connected by elevators are just some of the features that we know about. Sailing Yacht A is one of two multi-million-dollar vessels owned by Russian industrialist Andrey Melnichenko.

Dilbar – $256 m


Source: Superyacht Fan

The Dilbar’s owner is Russian mining magnet Alisher Usmanov, and is primarily used to ferry the aging mogul and his guests to and from his private islands. Notable features are the enormous bulk of the vessel, and its two matching helipads.

The Seven Seas – $184 m

seven seas

Source: Celebs On Yachts

On Steven Spielberg’s multi-million-dollar superyacht, The Seven Seas, a comfortable interior clad in genuine rosewood, walnut and teak is offset by a functional exterior that’s both utilitarian and flashy.

In addition to its homely atmosphere and capacious suites, the vessel is jam packed with sports toys for more active guests. An infinity pool, big screen movie theatre, and fully equipped gym with wrap-around views of the ocean, are a few of the yacht’s standout features.

Octopus – $126 m


Source: Superyacht Fan

Commissioned by the co-founder of Microsoft, the late Paul Allen, and now part of the estate, the Octopus is a swanky privately-owned vessel that is often loaned out to researchers and academics.

At 126-metres, it may not be the largest superyacht around but it has all the amenities that count, including basketball courts, a recording studio, a pool, two submarines and 41 beautifully decorated suites.

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