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The most expensive wristwatch in the world is a 1968 Rolex Daytona. It belonged to the great Hollywood actor, racing car driver and director, Paul Newman. This Rolex sold for $17.75 million at auction – at today’s conversion rates, that’s around R263 million!

Fortunately, you don’t have to be multi-millionaire to own a Rolex. Entry-level watches like the Rolex Oyster Perpetual are available in South Africa for about R20,000.

Rolex Watches Priced Under R50k

If you are in the market for a Rolex, here are a few watches that currently sell for less than R50,000:

Rolex Air King

rolex air king

Source: Rolex

With sleek casing and a prominent minute scale for navigational time readings, the Air King is an aviators’ timepiece. It was launched in 1945 as a tribute to the World War II RAF pilots who fought in the Battle of Britain.

Although the Air King is often viewed as an entry level Rolex, it has a movement on a par with that of the Explorer. Vintage Air Kings are rare and expensive but more recent, pre-owned models retail for around R48,000 to R49,999.

Rolex Datejust  

rolex datejust

Source: Rolex

The Rolex Datejust is the watch on which the brand was built. It was the first wristwatch to feature the date. It was also the first watch with self-winding capabilities, capabilities that allowed it to automatically update at midnight.

The Cyclops, a magnifying date bubble on the face, is the model’s most distinctive feature. The Datejust is a pioneer, and a time piece associated with Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill and the Dalai lama.

What can you expect to pay for a piece of horological history first launched in 1945? Anything between R45,000 and R50,000, depending on the year and condition of the watch.

Rolex Day-Date   

rolex day-date

Source: Rolex

As with its earlier predecessor, the Day-Date was a first in that it displayed both the date and the day. Rolex released the Day-Date in 1956, and it has been a best seller for the brand ever since.

It is a day to day wristwatch available in a wide range of casings – gold, silver and platinum. The more affordable, pre-owned watches currently sell for around R49,000.

Rolex Watches Selling for R125,000 Plus

Those of you with a bigger budget may well be able to afford some of the more iconic – and expensive – Rolex wristwatches.

Here are a few timepieces custom built for racing car drivers, deep sea divers and long-haul pilots:

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona   

rolex cosmograph daytona

Source: Rolex

The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is a distinctive wristwatch featuring a number of dials and counters.  Professional racing car drivers use it as the ultimate tool to measure elapsed time, and average speeds, up to 400 kph!

It is a chunky, masculine watch, and a tribute to the Daytona Speedway, one of NASCAR’s fastest – and most dangerous – race tracks. The Cosmograph Daytona is in a class of its own, and you can expect to pay R250,000 and up for the privilege of wearing one.

Rolex Sea Dweller   

rolex sea dweller

Source: Rolex

The Sea Dweller is a testament to innovation. It is an ultra-resistant deep-sea divers’ watch that is waterproof to a depth of 1,220 metres. It is also fitted with a one-way valve to allow helium to escape during decompression.

A rotatable bezel allows divers to monitor dive and decompression times, and the hands are filled with luminescent material that emits a blue glow for maximised visibility. The Sea Dweller is available in South Africa for R125,000 and more.

Rolex GMT Master II   

rolex gmt master ii

Source: Rolex

The GMT Master was designed in collaboration with long-haul Pan-Am pilots in 1954. It featured a fourth hand that allowed pilots to set the watch to Greenwich Mean Time, and use the rotatable bezel to set to a second time zone.

Rolex launched a new and improved version of the watch in the 1980s – the GMT Master II. In this edition, the watch has the ability to simultaneously reflect three different time zones. Prices for pre-owned pieces start at R165,000.

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