Established in 2015, lamna is a reputable provider of trusted cash loans in major cities across South Africa.

What makes lamna a trusted loan provider

At lamna, we specialise in offering short-term loans against personal assets of value.

We also offer bridging finance against commercial property and RAF settlements.

That’s what we do. Here’s what we don’t do:

  • we don’t charge hidden fees or early settlement penalties
  • we don’t charge outrageous interest (our rates are fully NCB compliant)
  • we don’t compromise your ownership of your vehicle or other asset when issuing a loan
  • we don’t share information with credit bureaus or any other third parties.

Details of lamna’s accreditation

lamna is a registered credit provider (registration number NCRCP7428) and a licensed financial services provider (FSP registration number 46335).

You can verify our status as a registered FSP by entering “lamna” or our FSP number (46335) in a search of the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) database.

We are also registered with the South African Police Service in terms of Section 3(3) of the Second-Hand Goods Act, 2009 (Act No 6 of 2009).

Trusted online loans

To apply for a loan with lamna, contact us on 086 111 2866 or complete and submit our online application form.

Let us know details of the asset you want to secure a loan against. For example, specify the make or model, age and condition of the asset. We’ll give a preliminary loan offer straight away.

If you opt to proceed, we’ll organise an appraisal of the asset at one of our branches near you.

Then we’ll make a formal loan offer.

If you accept, we’ll draw up the paperwork. We’ll transfer the funds to your account via electronic fund transfer – generally on the same day.

Wondering how much you can borrow? The trusted personal loans we’ve offered in the past range from a few thousand to R10 million or more.

Avoiding online (and other) loan scams

In South Africa, not everything that glitters is gold. Not every loan provider can be trusted.

This applies both online and off.

Before considering a loan agreement, make sure that you’re dealing with one of South Africa’s trusted loan companies.

Check that the loan provider…

  • is properly accredited as a financial services provider
  • is registered with the National Credit Board (NCB)
  • has physical branches, with contact details that are legitimate (if the phone just rings or you hear background noise not typical for an office, that could be a bad sign)
  • has a website that appears legitimate (it works properly and isn’t riddled with spelling errors, for instance)
  • hasn’t attracted a high volume of negative reviews or scam alerts online.

Please also consider this advice on how to avoid common moneylending scams and unethical practices.

Where to get a personal loan with fair credit

In South Africa, online search queries like “loans for fair credit rating” and “best loans for fair credit” are common.

This is a reflection of how difficult it can be to secure a personal loan

Banks may hesitate to approve loans for anyone who either:

  • has no clear credit rating (common if you’ve never been in any debt)
  • has a less than stellar credit rating (regardless of the reason).

In these circumstances, banks may also offer only unfavourable loan terms.

With lamna, your credit rating simply isn’t a concern.

We don’t check our clients’ credit ratings, require proof of employment status or conduct invasive background checks.

Instead, the loan amounts we offer are based on the value of the assets that our clients provide as collateral. Our process is straightforward, transparent and discreet.

For more information about our trusted cash loans, call us on 086 111 2866 or complete our online application form.

Complete our Online Application Form

Illustrative example

Client borrows R10,000 for 90 days.

Loan Amount Repay Terms Monthly Repayment Total Repayment Initiation Fee Monthly Fee
(Interest + Service charge)
R10 000 3 months R568.40 R12 902.20 R1 197 R560 60%

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APR & Loan repayment period

Fixed rates range from 36% to 60% APR and payment options range from minimum 3 to maximum 24 months. Apart from the initiation and monthly fees shown below, the only additional fee is credit life insurance if the borrower does not have this already.


All accounts may be renewed if they are up to date.


All payments are made via EFT or direct deposits into Lamna’s bank account. There are no debit orders.


Non-payments may result in the matters being escalated.

Illustrative example

Client borrows R10,000 for 90 days.

Loan Amount Repayment Period Monthly Repayment Total Cost of Loan Initiation Fee Monthly Fee
(Interest + Service charge)
R10 000 3 months R568.40 R12 902.20 R1 197 R560 60%