Trucks & Motorbikes

If you need to obtain funds in a hurry, your truck or motorbike can act as ideal security for a short-term loan.

All you need to do is contact us and give us the details of your truck or motorbike: the year, manufacturer and model and mileage. With this information we can make a more informed valuation of your vehicle to give you the best loans against trucks or motorcycles possible.

We’ll then make you an offer with no delay, over the phone. If you agree to our valuation and terms, you just need to come into our offices, we inspect the vehicle and – considering all things are in order – finalise our agreement. We then transfer the funds into your bank account instantly, while you’re still in our office.

Keep in mind that loans can’t be made using a vehicle that has outstanding debts as security, so ensure that there are no payments outstanding on the vehicle you wish to loan against. All vehicles stored by Lamna are kept in a completely secure space. Once you’ve repaid the loan as well as monthly interest (charged in line with National Credit Act guidelines), your vehicle will be safely and swiftly returned to you.

Documents required for loans on trucks and motorbikes:

  • vehicle’s registration documents, which must be in your name, or company’s name
  • your ID
  • proof of address

Raise Capital From Your Trucks & Motorbikes

Mercedes Truck and Trailer

Loan Offer
R450 K

Harley Davidson

Loan Offer
R100 K


Loan Offer
R40 K

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